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Creating Full Branded Environments Are Trending! Mad Monkey Media offers a variety of great brand materials, from 3M, Avery-Dennison, MacTac to Arlon and many, many more. With a full selection of media materials at our disposal we are able to quickly access the media to best suit your needs or project objectives. With over 20 years wide format digital printing experience we’re the best in the business to provide quality materials, service and on-time completion.

We’re madly excited to transform your spaces from drab to fab. Mad Monkey Media is a place where we’re madly in love with colorful ways to enhance brands.

Great Materials

When it comes to materials, Mad Monkey is able to offer a wide selection of materials to fit the needs of the project and ultimate goals of the client. We do not stick with just one line or brand of printing media. Instead, we choose the best brand, the best media available to suit the project objectives. This allows our Mad Monkey team to control the outcome and ensure we provide the best materials for each and every client. We have many ‘top quality’ materials brands at our disposal to ensure you are completely satisfied with any wall mural, wall decal, vinyl sticker, window decal, window cling, or floor decal.

Made Your Way

Our windows, wall, floors and door murals and decals are completed utilizing your photo, image or completed branded graphic file. Each order is custom to your job specification requirements and project objectives. Our job is to ensure we provide the right material that best suits your image and use.

Hands On Approach

Mad Monkey offers a ‘hands on’ approach to ensure each job is completed with the highest quality from beginning to end. Each of our wall mural, wall vinyl sticker or window decal options is made-to-order and is completed to meet our high quality standards. With our in-house printing capabilities your project is handled by the Mad Monkey staff the whole way. This allows us to ensure your order is streamlined and right the first time. And, if it’s not right we’ll make it right!

Phototex Canvas Murals

Mad Monkey Media utilizes The #1 Selling Removable Self-Adhesive Canvas Wallpaper Fabric Photo Tex™. Photo Tex™is a peel & stick, multi-US patented, adhesive material made of 100% polyester fabric which has a canvas-like texture. It can be installed on almost any surface and remain adhered in all-weather conditions. Its dependable adhesive can be removed and reused multiple times without any alteration or loss of StikAbility™. Photo Tex does not shrink, curl, rip or wrinkle in any climate. Photo Tex can be installed for a day or a decade and upon removal, Photo Tex insures a 99% chance that its adhesive will not leave a sticky residue (see technical bulletins). The fabric material is Class A or 1 fire rated, non-toxic, green and phthalates free. Phototex is finished off with a spray laminate to seal and protect the ink however the material is not waterproof.

Mad Monkey Phototex canvas murals have proven to be an ideal alternative to wallpaper as the sharp graphics will not shrink, wrinkle or rip in any temperature or climate change. PhotoTex will easily wrap around corners, poles, and even ceilings, and it is removable, reusable, and repositionable and won’t leave any residue behind. It is ideal for either short term promotional use or long term branding needs. Ask us today how you can utilize Phototex in your business or advertising campaigns.

Removable Vinyl Wall Murals

In addition to Phototex Canvas Wall Murals Mad Monkey Media also specializes in Vinyl Wall Murals. Our commercial grade vinyl is printed with UV cured inks that are solvent free, washable and will not fade. It’s tough, flexible and scuff resistant. It sticks great to semi-gloss, and gloss painted drywall, metal, and even glass.

The images we print are as durable and has a smooth finish, which is ideal for photo quality output. For smooth, vibrant colors including rich blacks we we recommend our Vinyl Wall Mural material. Your company lobby can have a dramatic floor-to-ceiling photo mural showing your brand off in a big way. It is ideal for restaurants, retail stores, bank lobbies, hotel lobbies, airports, waiting areas, elevator door, conference rooms, really just about anywhere!

Our vinyl decals and vinyl wall murals can also be used for temporary promotional signage. It has the same low-tac adhesive as the Phototex allowing it to be removed effortlessly without damaging where you’ve place it. It comes with an adhesive back and a release paper, so if you are a little bit handy you can install it yourself. Our Vinyl Wall Decal material is what we use to make our die-cut custom Monkey Klings as it offers an excellent choice for wall graphic applications that require easy installation. Check them out today!

Perforated Window Decals & Murals

Make a statement from the outside of your office, retail, bank, or beauty salon location with our custom perforated window decals. Mad Monkey Media specializes in the ultimate way to dress up any storefront or office window with business advertising or and your own branding imagery. Take a peek at a Before/After perforated window mural project to see what perforated window graphics can do to spice up your storefront.

Perforated vinyl window decals appear opaque from the outside, but allow viewing visibility from the inside. The specially-designed see-thru continuous hole pattern is stamped on over 50% of the film allowing for the graphic on one side but visibility from within. With a 3 year life performance level, our perforated window decals can be used for long term branding or we also offer a 1 year outdoor performance level for short term promotions. We use quality products to make sure your brand is presented the way you envisioned.

Lightweight, breathable, and easy to apply to the outside of any window, perforated window decals are custom made in any size to get your business location noticed. Designed for outdoor use, our mesh window graphics use a light adhesive that is weather, windproof and easy to reposition as needed. Our perforated window decals are used on vehicles too. On any vehicle window, we add a top lamination to protect the image, keep water and dirt from accumulating in the holes and elongate the life of your window graphic.

Custom Window Clings & Etched Glass

In addition, to perforated window graphics Mad Monkey Media specializes in window clings and window vinyl graphics. Whether you want a custom printed white vinyl window cling for traditional outdoor window signage, or the custom look of a clear window cling, we can do that too!

A custom clear window cling is applied in the same manner as adhesive vinyl. Just use a little water and a squeegee to push the air bubbles out. The difference is that clear vinyl window cling comes off easily, so it’s a great choice for sales, short term promotions and other temporary uses.

Ask us about our simulated vinyl application options that resemble etched glass, sandblasted glass, lite fine etched or even dark coarse etched, dusted and frosted glass vinyl finishes. Perfect or privacy areas or just adding a simple touch of class to any glass windows and doors. Any ordinary glass window can become colorful and classy etched glass showpieces.

Glass windows can transform an everyday business office or storefront door or window into a remarkable brand expression creating buzz and memorability. These custom window decals can work with natural light to radiate elegant designs plus adding privacy or assisting in blocking unsightly views.

A little etched glass vinyl removal tip from Fellers: “Normal vinyl removal techniques are not generally appropriate when removing frosted vinyl from glass. Applying heat can cause the glass to crack or shatter. Using a solution of water and dish soap, saturate the vinyl with a fine mist, then cover with bubble wrap or plastic for two hours to prevent drying. The mixture of soap and water will penetrate through the vinyl and make removal much easier, without using heat.”

Outdoor Street Decals & Murals

Take your message outdoors with Mad Monkey Media’s super durable custom Street Decals and Murals. These flexible vinyl decals are laminated for durability, and will adhere to any surface plus withstand repetitive pedestrian traffic! Order in the size you need, any shape and any quantity. Perfect for outdoor events, or unconventional marketing and signage.

Our outdoor floor graphic decals have are backed with an adhesive that is an aggressive, permanent, blended acrylic/rubber adhesive that bonds well to flat or slightly rough concrete and asphalt. It is best used for short term use as it’s rated for up to a 3 month outdoor durability with heavy pedestrian traffic.

Mad Monkey Media specializes in outdoor street decals using Sport Walk. This is a street decal perfect for indoor and outdoor event graphics. Offering a removable adhesive and no lamination is required. Adheres to a variety of smooth surfaces and maintains its non-slip properties when wet. Ideal for marathons, parades, retail point-of-purchase, trade shows, sporting and other short-term outdoor events. It comes with an adhesive back and a release paper, so if you are a little bit handy you can install it yourself.

Indoor Graphic Floor Decals

Indoor Floor Decals are perfect for advertising your brand in an unconventional way. Easy-to-apply on all types of smooth surfaces – even low pile carpet! They stick strong but are still removable, yes, even for short term use on carpet. Specially formulated and certified slip resistant, our indoor Floor Decals are also chemical and scuff resistant to help protect the quality and visibility of your image. It comes with an adhesive back and a release paper, so if you are a little bit handy you can install it yourself. You can order any size, shape and quantity you need!

Custom Floor Graphics made by Mad Monkey Media are an artistic way to get your customers attention, or as effective wayfinding to direct attendees during a special event or just simply to advertise point-of-purchase promotions. Advertising or promotional floor graphics have been proven to increase sales in retail applications. Our indoor graphic floor decals have a removable adhesive that leaves little or no glues residue when removed.

Ideal for sports flooring such as use on basketball or any indoor court. Great for sponsor ads on the sideline or your school or university logo at the center of the count. A protective floor over-laminate that is UL approved and has anti-slip features.

How about even complete floor wraps. Mad Monkey Media can do those too! Great for museums to create a unique exhibit or special display, work out gym areas, hair salons, or other retail uses to cover large areas. Utilizing our PanoRama Walk & Wall graphics material you can advertise on carpet, tile wood, stone, metal, glass and even painted surfaces. Plus, it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor applications all with no lamination required.

Custom floor graphics can be applied to carpet too. Our carpet floor decals are specially formulated with high tack adhesive that adheres to short-nap commercial or low pile carpeting, yet leaves little or no glue residue when removed. A protective floor over-laminate that is UL approved and has non-slip features. Perfect for short term point of purchase applications, promotions or event.

How Custom Wall Murals Work

You can submit your own completed graphic, image artwork file or you can take advantage of our Mad Monkey Design Team to assist you. We provide an Online E-Proof mock up allowing you review and approve your imagery prior to production beginning. If our Mad Monkey Media Installation Team is not providing on-site installation of your wall mural or window graphics then our full wall or floor murals typically will come to you in roughly 48″ -60” wide panels with each overlapping the next by an inch. This size of course just depends upon the actual size your custom wall graphics are made at. Quick install tip: cut through both layers in the overlap, remove the excess, and you get a butt joint that is just about invisible. The material is not pre-pasted together. You must make the seam connections upon installation. You can also keep the overlap if you wish.

If you are in need of a good quality, high resolution digital photo or illustration artwork then we suggest to search on stock photography websites like istockphoto, BigStock Photo, Adobe and or Shutterstock. When buying a digital photo, buy the highest resolution available. If you need further design assistance our Mad Monkey Design Team can also drop type and logos into your photo further adding to your branding customization (design costs may apply).

Send us your ideas, photo or completed art file, and the size of your wall. We’ll let you know if there are any problems making the art image file you’ve sent over as large as your wall. The entire process can take about 5-7 business days – depending. If you are in a hurry, we’ll find a way to meet your needs. Call us to get started!

"Design is thinking made visual."