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  • Wide Format Digital Printing is what we do best.

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The best part of Mad Monkey Media is we are able to offer a huge selection of printing materials to fit the needs of the project and the ultimate goals of the client. We do not stick with just one line or brand of printing media. Instead, we choose the best brand, the best media available to suit the project objectives.

This allows our Mad Monkey team to control the outcome and ensures we provide the best materials for each and every client. Our goal is to take your brand and build signage to extend brand awareness that goes beyond just the sign or vehicle wrap itself. Ultimately, we work mostly with these brand media, but we are not limited to these alone.

Printing Media Brands

  • 3M
  • Avery-Dennison
  • Arlon
  • MacTac
  • Orafol
  • General Formulations

Mad Monkey Media has a knack for designing business signage, vehicle wraps. On top of that, we also choose the right media materials to complete any vehicle wrap, outdoor sign, and indoor mural application. With over 20 years of wide-format digital printing experience, we’re the best in the business to provide quality materials, service, and on-time completion.

Our Printing Process

Any and all artwork files submitted are physically checked by our knowledgeable graphics team members. We rigorously review your files for accuracy in dimensions, overall quality, and CMYK color mode. If we feel any portion of your art file received will produce a questionable result we will contact you prior to sending the final E-Proof. This provides you with an opportunity to fix the areas in question and submit a new file, if you choose to do so.

All graphic orders will receive an Online E-Proof which is REQUIRED TO BE APPROVED to proceed with production of any order. The E-Proof consists of a low resolution copy of the file received. PDF Screen proofs will predict text accuracy, image proportion and placement, but not color density or image resolution/quality. We rely solely on your approval of the E-proof as final verification and acceptance of the project. We are not responsible for proofreading, image quality/resolution decisions and/or correcting minor file errors.

E-Proof Process

Once you’ve uploaded your artwork file through our online FTP, it will next be in the hands of our Graphics Team. All files submitted are rigorously reviewed for accuracy in dimensions, overall quality, and CMYK color mode. Your order will be confirmed and we will send you an e-mail with a link to approve your PDF proof online. All you need to do is click the link, view the PDF and virtually sign the document and we’ll receive an e-mail alerting us of your approval. It’s really that easy! Your Mad Monkey team member will then send your order into production (pending you’ve provided complete order details and payment).

Printed Sample

Color matching and image quality is an important part of consistent branding and when it’s crucial we need to know so we can ensure your order is being produced to the best of our ability. You may request a PRINTED PROOF on the job material to review ACTUAL output color and image quality of your artwork. Cost is approx $65—175 (varies per item and is not available for all products). Requesting the optional Printed Sample may add 2-4 business days onto your production time. Please let your Mad Monkey team member know that you are in need of this optional service, they are happy to help you through the process.


Please ensure you’ve used a template supplied by our Mad Monkey team for the specific product being purchased. If artwork is provided and our template was not used, additional costs may apply to adjust your art file to fit appropriately. Quick Tip: Save your artwork file WITHOUT the following items: template showing (turn off template layer and then save), register marks or color bars.

Graphic Design

We have the ability to make your creative vision come to life. Get the perks of the Mad Monkey Media Design Team. With years of wide-format designing experience this amazing in-house service is built right into the core of Mad Monkey Media. We’re madly in love with designing for wide format graphics. It’s what we’re passionate about. We have substantial experience with all types of sign graphics, from small vinyl decals to car wraps, large wall murals to everything else in between.

"If you're going to think anything, you might as well think big."