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Mad Monkey Media can complete different outdoor signage styles for office, retail, commercial and industrial uses. Whether you need a simple aluminum wall sign, dimensional lettering, interior, wayfinding, or a simple corrugated plastic sign or vinyl banner, the team at Mad Monkey Media can get it done! Our exterior and interior sign experts at Mad Monkey can help steer you in the right direction.

With the right materials, finish, and colors, we ensure your sign is noticed. Our Mad Monkey team can fabricate your sign in-house. Our expert installation team will install your sign as well.

We can even help guide you through the permitting process if necessary as well. Your company signage is a reflection of your brand. Contact us today to discuss the many, many options!

Commercial Outdoor Signage

Your outdoor signs are the business cards for your company brand. Is your current outdoor signage representing your brand properly or to the best of its ability? Are your potential customers finding your location easily? Do they know you exist? The proper commercial outdoor signage will ensure all potential customers know who you are and what your brand represents.

Whether you choose an outdoor illuminated lightbox sign, dimensional letters or channel letters, your outdoor building sign is truly a wayfinding tool and brand advertisement all in one. Mad Monkey Media is able to assist with restaurant signs, school signs, office building signs, mall and retail store signage, church signs and graphics, commercial real estate signs, warehouse signs, office signs and anything else in between.

Does your brand need a better way to attract attention?

  • Long term messages with all metal weather resistant signage
  • Custom shapes that match your brand
  • Correct sizes to fit the space – not too small, not too big, it will be just right
  • Reflective or LED illumination to ensure night time viewing
  • Signage needs to fit your specific needs

Long term outdoor signs include wood materials such as Armour-Wood, Dura-Wood and aluminum based materials such as Dibond, Alumalite, Ecopanel. Short-term outdoor signage includes materials such as corrugated plastic, vinyl or mesh banners. Call us today to talk about the many outdoor commercial signage options Mad Monkey Media has to offer.

Commercial Indoor Signage

Mad Monkey Media has the ability to complete your vision for any brand using the latest sign innovations or the traditional materials you’ve come to rely on. Whether you require custom wall murals, architectural sign systems, small and large format digital printing, our team of professionals have the experience to make it happen. We create signs that enhance your interior office space reinforcing your brand.

On Site Sign Installation

Mad Monkey Media goes full circle with our outdoor and indoor sign solutions with a complete installation team. Whether your sign is just 1 or many our professional sign installation services ensures your signage is installed to perfection. On site installation is not always required however is a service we do offer. Call us today to talk about the installation requirements of your sign and how the Mad Monkey Media team of sign installers can assist.

Wayfinding Signage

Mad Monkey Media has the ability to assist your business with any wayfinding signage needs. The point of any wayfinding signage is to direct people to the right floor or office and find their way in an unfamiliar environment. It’s important how your directional is displayed so that the information is strategic and in a clear format guiding people in the right direction.

There are three important types of signs:

  • Information/Identification signs: To educate people when they are within a building or surrounding the buildings/campus area.
  • Directional signs: are located strategically within the public environment to help people find their goal destinations.
  • Warning signs indicate safety procedures to follow in case of an emergency, such as fire escape routes, no smoking or designated smoking areas, and other regulations such as employee-only or restricted areas.

We offer Industry-Specific Wayfinding Signage Solutions

  • Church
  • Office
  • School

Mad Monkey Media offers many exterior and interior signage solutions. Ask us today to help assist you with your wayfinding directional signage needs.

Standoff Signage

Mad Monkey Media specializes in indoor signage using standoffs hanging systems. With the clean look and feel, standoffs are an ideal way to give dimension to a once boring, standard looking sign. A sign using standoffs usually consists of barrels, caps, edge-grips, hardware, or grippers.

They are made of stainless steel or aluminum. Aside from a Lexan or acrylic sign, which is the most common material used for stand-off signage, they are also made to hold glass, panels, photographs, artwork, and displays, among other materials. Standoffs hold these materials together horizontally or vertically at a predetermined distance from a surface.

Typically, standoff signage is used for enhancing logo entrance signs. Many types of standoff sign holders can be utilized, such as aluminum, stainless steel, which are available in many finishes, including LED-backlit standoffs. Ask our Mad Monkey team about our sign holder cabling abilities as well.

Vinyl Banners

Whether it’s vinyl, mesh, blockout, single side or double sided our Mad Monkey Media team can deliver on any size project. Our wide format printing capabilites is solvent based made for outdoor use includes fade resistant UV cured inks, CMYK printing at 1000 dpi to provide a photo quality output. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the printing quality Mad Monkey Media has to offer. Our quality made vinyl banners are finished with sealed hemmed edges and metal grommets placed every 2 feet for hanging or securing to a wall surface. Ask our Mad Monkey team today how to get started on your vinyl banner project today.

Mad Monkey Media has these available vinyl banner options:

  • Custom Banners – Standard Banners: Printed One Side on 13 oz. Gloss Banner Vinyl. Includes Hems and Grommets
  • Mesh Banners – 8 oz. Mesh Banners, preferred choice for long term outdoor banners. Includes print on One Side, Hems and Grommets.
  • Indoor Banners – High quality Indoor Banners, designed for POP use. Printed One Side on a Smooth, 10 oz. Blockout Vinyl, mostly used in indoor retracting banner stands.
  • Pole Pocket Banners – 10 oz or 13 oz Banners with 3″ Pole Pockets Top & Bottom
  • Window Banners – Printed Both Sides on a Flat 13 oz. Blockout Vinyl, with Non Curling Cut Edges, no Hems. Grommets in each corner, ready to hang in a Display System, Ceiling or a Window
  • Outdoor Premium Banners – A Heavy Duty Vinyl Banner Printed One Side on 18 Ounce Matte Vinyl. Includes Hems and Grommets
  • Matte Banners – 13oz Matte Finished Vinyl for enhanced readability in bright light environments. Printed on one side with hems and grommets.
  • Double Sided Banners – Premium Banner Vinyl printed on both sides. All sides have grommets and are hemmed and sewn for extra durability.


Mad Monkey Media offers an LED outdoor sign system that is a perfect LED sign solution with 65,000 shades of color, cloud based software, energy efficient, weatherproof and superior materials all at the most affordable price in the market. Successful advertising strategy is about reaching the right people at the right time – even if you have multiple LED signs to operate. Simply put, an LED sign is the best way to reach potential customers quickly and efficiently with the ability to update your message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

With an LED digital sign in front of your business all passing traffic will see your ad numerous times, giving you multiple exposures, that can be difficult to achieve with more expensive advertising options. Onsite LED digital signs also give you complete control over your message with the cloud based software system.

With an LED sign system you can:

  • Reinforce your brand and its services or products
  • Establish an brick and mortar identity that may have been unnoticed previously
  • Attract new customers
  • Promote specials or special limited time offers
  • Advertise hiring positions

Mad Monkey Media makes purchasing a new LED outdoor sign system for your business location easy with the leasing option we have available. It’s just smart, slick digital signage, that offers smaller, slimmer and self contained 1ft x 2ft modules which creates less heat, have not motorized fans to break, can be retrotfitted to an existing sign body or added to a brand new outdoor sign.

The BEST PART is Mad Monkey Media offers a Cloud Based LED System that’s right for any type of business in any type of industry where users can update displaying content instantly over the internet or on their iPhone & Android devices in real time.

Mad Monkey Media LED digital signage offers 2 great models.

Solo is a great affordable starter sign offering grayscale RED or WHITE LED coloring; it’s a great starter sign. Our Solo monochrome LED sign system can display crisp text, images, and movement in red shades for the Solo Fire or white for the Solo ICE. Not only that, our grayscale Solo LED system is normally less expensive than text-only, run-of-the-mill LED signs.

While most grayscale and monochrome LED sign systems are only available in high pixel pitch (20mm or 19mm) and out-dated technologies, the Solo LED sign System comes in a 15.25 mm pixel pitch. This means it displays sharp and clear images and videos, allowing the sign to have the maximum effect even at a closer range.

The Solo System is amazing for retrofits! Run a quote today or call your account rep directly to learn the exact specs of our system. The energy consumption is so low you probably won’t need to add additional power when replacing a reader board! Check it out today.

The full-color Blade System was designed with one goal in mind: create a spectacular programmable LED display packed with features that were affordable, simple to install, and effortless to use, all with brilliant full-color pictures and text. Increase the return on your investment without sacrificing quality.

The Blade System exceeds the quality of any high-priced LED display system on the market with a cost-efficient, high-value solution for any company or organization. The LED panel features a system health indicator, which can be monitored remotely, and the frame is powder-coated, making it the most durable display available.

Both LED sign models to offer warranty hardware that comes with a five year limited part swap warranty on all parts and components manufactured on the system.


How Custom LED Works

Mad Monkey Media is happy to help assist you with your new LED signage purchase. Typically, an on-site evaluation is required to quote an LED sign. By calling our Mad Monkey team to set up an on-site evaluation, a day/time will be set up to meet and discuss the options required. An LED sign estimate will be provided, and from there, the LED sign process will begin. Contact us today and get started!

How Custom Signage Works

Mad Monkey Media is happy to help assist you with your new signage purchase. Sometimes, an on site evaluation is required depending upon your needs and wants. By calling our Mad Monkey team they can help determine whether an on-site meeting is necessary to help complete your outdoor or indoor signage project. If an on site assessment is necessary, a day/time will be st up to meet and discuss the options required. From there, a sign estimate will be provided and from there the sign process will begin.

You can submit your own completed graphic, image artwork file or you can take advantage of our Mad Monkey Design Team to assist you. We provide an Online E-Proof mock up allowing you review and approve your imagery prior to production beginning.

If you are in need of a good quality, high resolution digital photo or illustration artwork then we suggest to search on stock photography websites like istockphoto, BigStock Photo, Adobe and or Shutterstock. When buying a digital photo, buy the highest resolution available. If you need further design assistance our Mad Monkey Design Team can also drop type and logos into your photo further adding to your branding customization (design costs may apply).

Send us your ideas, photo or completed art file, and the size of your wall. We’ll let you know if there are any problems making the art image file you’ve sent over as large as your wall. The entire process can take about 3-7 business days – depending. If you are in a hurry, we’ll find a way to meet your needs. Contact us today and get started!

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